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Are you familiar or heard about MyTHDHR? This system was designed by The Home Depot (THD) to assist their employees with their company benefits, duties, and to access data concerning the firm’s updates. In this guide, we will take a look at what MyTHDHR is, the advantages it provides to their valued employees of The Home Depot, how a worker of the company can use it and much more. So, stay with us and keep reading.

About The Home Depot and MyTHDHR

The Home Depot (THD), a major vendor of home improvement merchandise in the USA, caters to both DIY enthusiast and professional clients. THD values their staff/associates and is devoted to providing a safe and rewarding work environment for them. To guarantee that their employees have the essential resources they need to succeed in their career with The Home Depot, it has created an online web platform called MyTHDHR.

It is an online web portal offered by The Home Depot (THD) to its staff, which gives a path to them to gain access to a variety of services and features. By using MyTHDHR Login, employees can make changes to their profiles with updated data, check their tax info, can go through their health benefits and rewards, and take advantage of the self-service options. MyTHDR is The Home Depot’s way of supporting the success of its associates.

mythdhr login to ESS portal
my THDHR Login

All the staff at The Home Depot (THD) can get their access to MyTHDHR web portal that offers a personalized experience, allowing employees to get the necessary updates about their benefits and company policies. It is like an online notice board, where every employee will get to know the latest news and updates regularly. Moreover, My THD HR enables its staff members to access The Home Depot’s employee recognition and rewards program which acknowledges and rewards their employees for their hard work and loyalty.

MyTHDHR provides Home Depot employees with a platform to stay connected with their colleagues and managers. Through this portal, associates can locate the relevant documents like Wage and Tax statements etc,  to share with Human Resources. Additionally, the website offers its employees access to online training and development programs via MyOrangeLadder, allowing them to better their job-related abilities and advance professionally.

What is

MyTHDHR is a web-based comprehensive system that allows The Home Depot (THD) employees to manage/view their benefits and activities. It is a secure system that is accessible from any device either from PC or Smartphone with Internet access. With Kronos, employees can view their time, attendance and schedules right from the mobile device. Associates can view current benefits, enroll in new benefits, manage their vacation time, access company information, and more from

The Home Depot Kronos: My THDHR Kronos is a cloud platform where THD staff can login to view their schedules, attendance and time sheets. Individuals can view their requested resource by just signing into their personal account. Users need to supply a user ID and password to view the information.

Benefits of MyTHDHR Workday Login

It offers a lot of advantages to the staff at The Home Depot. These include:

Easy access to benefits and activities: Employees can view their current benefits, enroll in new benefits, handle their holiday time and more.

Safe platform: The entire system is protected and can only be utilized by Home Depot registered employees.

Convenient: The system is accessible from any electronic device having web access and can be used at any time and anyplace.

User-friendly: The system is made to be easy to use and provides a variety of features to simplify the administration of employee facilities.

Company information: Eligible employees will get up-to-date company news and updates, new job postings, and career options.

benefits of mythdhr login

The primary benefit of the MyTHDHR ESS login Home Depot is that employees are able to find every info they need without going to the HR office in person. All the necessary details can be fetched from the portal itself by the registered staff member.

How to use

Using is simple and straightforward. To access the staff details, you will need to log in with your The Home Depot employee ID and password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view your current benefits and enroll in new ones, manage your work time details, access company information, and can concentrate on career growth through myOrangeLadder.

The homepage has different sections to browse. The following are the important things that every associate should know.

Kronos: It is a cloud based platform. Employee Time sheet, Attendance and Schedules can be managed from the Kronos section.

Benefits: Both the active and former associates can take advantage of The Home Depot benefits. Below are the areas that help support you and your family.

Pay and Taxes: There are two ways to get paid at The Home Depot. One is through direct deposit and the other is a payroll card.

Life Events: At THD, up-to-date information is vital. So, if there is any change in the profile info it is required to update the same.

Self Service: This is the core function of the whole concept of having a dedicated web portal to the employees of The Home Depot. An associate can change the individual profile, download payslips, leave of absence (LOA) etc from ESS (Employee Self Service) portal.

CareerDepot/myOrangeLadder: Grow yourself with a wide variety of career resources at The Home Depot’s MyTHDHR.

MyTHDHR Login Instructions

There are two different sections that an employee can login to myTHDHR. 

Kronos: Use it to view the schedules, time and attendance.

Self Service: ESS is the major service of the website. On going associates or former staff or the associate on LOA can use this service to fetch the necessary details of any department they need.

Here are the instructions for My ESS Home Depot Login.

  1. Visit the ESS portal and choose ‘Current Associate’ or ‘Former’ or ‘LOA’.
  2. Depending on the selection, fill in the appropriate details.
  3. Get into the dashboard after successful validation.

How to Reset your MyTHDHR Password?

If you have forgotten your MyTHDHR ESS password, you can reset it using the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the Self Service page. You will then be prompted to choose one option among the three to reset the password.

Contact The Home Depot

You can directly contact the concerned team if you have any queries regarding benefits or myTHDHR portal.

Benefits Choice Center at 1800-555-4954 (Monday to Friday 9am to 7pn EST)/ for Live Chat (Mon to Fri 9am to 11pm EST).

myTHD HR at 1866-698-4347 / (Saturday – Sunday Closed)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the full form of myTHDHR?

A: MyTHDHR stands for My The Home Depot Human Resource.

Q: How to Register with MyTHDR?

A: Any new employee will get the registration details from their HRM (Human Resource Management) with user ID and password. There is no form online for the registration.

Q: How do I log in to

A: Depending on the requirement, you should choose the login portal. For ESS, choose Self Service/Kronos and for Career growth you should select myOrangeLadder.

Q: How do I reset my My THDHR Login password?

A: To Reset the password, open ESS and choose ‘Forgot Password’ link to regain access to the portal.

With that being said, MyTHDHR Login is an all-inclusive bundle having a variety of features that a Home Dept staff can access. With this system, registered associates can check their present perks, enroll in new benefits, manage their working hours, and obtain company’s up-to-date information. My THDR is user-friendly and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. We trust that you now have a better understanding about MyTHDHR web portal and how one can use it to avail most of the perks. Please feel free to contact The Home Depot (THD) staff if you have any specific questions about